Cannabis testing labs have been hit with ransomware. Is your lab prepared?

Cannabis labs have been getting hit with ransomware over the past few years and it can be devastating if you are not prepared. I have personally witnessed a ransomware attack and it is terrifying.

There are a few things that your lab can do to prepare itself to be defended against ransomware but the absolute number one thing you can do is train your staff to identify and report suspicious emails!

  1. Teach them to look for red flags in emails, such as strange sender addresses, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  2. Show them how to hover over links to see where they go before clicking on them.

  3. Encourage them to report any suspicious emails to you or your IT department.

  4. Keep your anti-spam software up to date and run regular scans to catch any new threats.

Aside from that, it is imperative that you have backups stored offline behind a strong firewall. You don’t want to accidentally backup a dormant piece of malware.

Has your lab been hit? If so, how did you handle the situation??

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Hello, if anyone has been hit with ransomware, or would like to design your IT infrastructure to be protected against ransomware, please let me know.

My partner (who was the CTO of a major hedge fund for 11 years) and I have a firm based in the Bay Area that specializes in the cannabis vertical. We specialize in designing, building, and maintaining secure, compliant, and scalable IT infrastructure. We can help with your business continuity planning, disaster recovery, incident response, and preventative maintenance.

Please visit, or DM me to schedule a discovery call.

Stay safe!

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I am glad to see there are IT professionals that specialize in the cannabis space! I will be sure to send people your way if they are looking for help with their IT infrastructure. Getting hit by ransomware can truly devastate a lab so it is extremely important to protect against ransomware/malware.